Editor’s Pick: Coordinates Collection The Meridian Bracelet

By  July 07, 2014


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Although I am far removed from the days of learning latitude and longitude in geography class, one of my favorite class activities was to determine specific points on the globe according to points on the geographic coordinate system. But who knew that I would be using that in real life? Especially concerning my accessories?!

When Coordinates Collection’s The Meridian Bracelet popped up on my radar, I knew we were a match made in fifth grade heaven. You can customize the bracelet with an engraving of any coordinates you choose and set it in three different styles and 10 different finishes and metals, making this piece of jewelry as stylish as it is sentimental.

Considering that I am always looking for a way to show I’m in an empire state of style, I thought the coordinates 40.6700 N and 73.9400 W would be the perfect reminder that if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere–while paying tribute to my love for finding coordinates on the globe.

It also doesn’t hurt that the bangle can act as a stylish dog tag, if found, please return this girl to New York City.—Channing Hargrove

Coordinates Collection The Meridian Bracelet, $214