Creating Beautiful Bouquets at Home

By  June 10, 2010

Look around… Spring is in full effect and vibrant, bright blooms surround us. Embrace the colorful season by decorating your home with fabulous flowers. Award-winning florist and designer Jeff Leatham, who presides over all arrangements at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, shares his top tips for creating beautiful bouquets and sensational centerpieces.


Begin with a Resourceful Base… To add a personalized touch, utilize your own backyard by picking flowers that bloom in your garden. Jeff suggests a “classic collection of fresh choices that can easily be found, such as lilacs, daffodils or tulips.”

Simplicity is Key… Make a bold statement with a simple creation. Choose one type of flower or one color for your bouquet. Whites, yellows, and pinks offer a consistent theme and can help liven up any room.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better… Jeff asserts that a bouquet should speak to the size of the room in which it will be placed. Pick a smaller arrangement for a bedroom or a larger one to decorate the entrance of your home.

Budding Lifespan… Help keep  the fresh blooms healthy longer. Jeff recommends trimming stems and changing water daily to ensure vases are kept fresh and clean. Proper care of flowers can ensure they brighten your home for weeks.