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Today was a complete lazy day and I couldn’t resist watching hours of Sex & The City. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the show… [....]
7 Tips For Baby Soft Feet  
Some people are obsessed with dental hygiene. Some people are obsessed with puppies. Some people are obsessed with foot cleanliness. That’s me, the third one. Let’s dub it foot freshness. That sounds less strange, no?[...]
In a time of crippling student loans and credit card debt, taking a vacation can seem like an impossible task.[...]
8 Boots For Fall Under $70  
Don’t stress about over spending on boots this fall season! I searched for great boots that fit all the amazing autumn criteria and made sure that they are cost effective.[...]
Ready for fall, but not ready to let go of all the beautiful clothes you wore this summer? Then don’t![...]
Lately, Miley and Terry Richardson have been turning heads with the fabulous Harper’s Bazaar spread. Terry  followed this up by posting some totally Terry photos he shot of Miley Cyrus being Miley on his diary. [...]