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Dynamite Denim Looks for Fall  
Denim is just one of those things that will never, ever get old. Of course, different styles will cycle through popularity, but it is always necessary to have at least a little denim in your closet.[...]
I love braiding my hair in as many ways as I can, and I recently found a blogger that loves to do the same.[...]
4 Meatless Recipes to Try  
I doubt I would ever become vegetarian, but I have to admit eating lots of red meat isn’t the healthiest lifestyle choice. In an effort to be more careful about what I eat, I’m trying out Meatless Mondays to cut back on chicken and
All-Time Favorite TV Couples  
I think I get some sort of strange exhilaration from watching television couples. I feel like they somehow make up for the lack of drama in my own life (not that that is a bad thing.) I become seriously invested in the character’s
There’s no questioning that beauty is my life’s passion. While I love a bold lip and a fierce cat eyeliner, to me makeup that showcases beautiful, flawless, radiant skin is the epitome of beauty.[...]
When it comes to beauty advice, I don’t listen to just anyone. I am nothing short of picky about who I will trust. Well, Jenn Streicher definitely qualifies as one of these people. Jenn is a Hollywood makeup aficionado with a solid