Cupcakes To Go …

By  June 24, 2009

True Story … One day I decided to make cupcakes for my family. (I’m just sweet like that.) I baked delicious red velvets , used my extra-special frosting dispenser,  and even added chocolate shavings on top … They were honestly perfect, bakery-quality confections. I packed them up in a box and lightly covered with tin foil. Well, after an hour commute to my parents’ house on Long Island (walk, subway, train ride, more walking) my cupcakes were in shambles. They were smudged, dilapidated, and devastated. (Fortunately for me, my fam isn’t picky and they happily devoured the crumbs.) But it just felt like my hard work was in vain.


Thankfully, that will never happen again because I have invested in this super-clever Snap ‘n Stack cupcake carrier. Now I can take up to two dozen cupcakes on the go. It features two removable trays that are recessed to keep the cupcakes in place. You can also flip the tray over to store other baked goods. It’s so handy and it keeps my edible works of art looking adorable.

Available at The Container Store, $22.99

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