Dance with Me

By  April 13, 2009

ballerinaballetSashay! Curtsey! Nobody does feminine elegance quite like a ballerina. You will look as if you popped straight out of a music box in pearls, tulle and hues of petal soft pink. Float through the streets with the grace of a sugar plum fairy. Now that you’ve got the look down, you’ll have time to work on all the moves. We’re still perfecting our first position. ~Emily Popp

a. Vera Wang Crystal Tulle Bracelet, $295

b. Champagne Silk Clutch, $78

c. Peony Pink Dress, $385

d. Betsey Johnson Bow Earrings, $30

e. Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flats, $110

f. American Apparel Leotard, $28

g. Pearl Trim Headband, $5

h. Brian Reyes Shingle Skirt, $950