Day in the Life: Jess Levin of Carats & Cake

By  July 11, 2014

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Planning a wedding is no easy endeavor. From finding that dream dress to narrowing down the guest list, there are dozens of decisions to make. We can’t all have an event planner to help us with the details, but we do have Carats & Cake on hand, the soon-to-be bride’s premiere destination for all things wedding. Founder Jess Levin sought to set up a space where past couples can help soon to be newlyweds with concrete suggestions on vendors, from venues to caterers, using photographs and reviews from their own nuptials. The goal of the stunning site simple: bring bride’s vision to life with a little bit of C&C’s magic.

5:45AM Rise and shine. I get up extra early on Mondays to hit the New York flower market.
6:00AM Quick email check. I load the site on my phone to make sure everything is up and running.


6:15AM Arrive at the flower market on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue and wander around a few of my favorite vendors, depending on the season and my mood.
6:20AM Snap a few flower shots to send to our Digital Media Editor to post for Carats & Cake
6:30AM Head back downtown with plenty of fresh flowers for both the office and my apartment for the week. You can never have too many fresh flowers.
7:00AM I always make breakfast and bring it to the office unless I have a morning meeting. Today I put some Greek yogurt with granola from Café Cluny in a mason jar with chopped raspberries and nectarines.10362260_802672459757596_526858805_n
7:15AM Walk to the Carats & Cake offices in the Meatpacking district with a quick detour for an iced coffee at Ninth Street Espresso.
7:30AM Spend the morning catching up on email and getting organized for the day.
8:30AM Send out weekly email to Carats & Cake team with priorities and ongoing projects. Then morning meeting with the NY team to review the week ahead and go over anything urgent.
10:00AM Log into Carats & Cake and check our numbers and recent user activity and then respond to messages.
10:30AM Walk to Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee on West 13th Street. I am addicted to the Sweet Mary and their Iced Mocha with vanilla and soy milk. Call my mom and dad on the walk and wake them up to say “hi” (they live in California).
11:00AM Take a quick peek at this week’s social media features and select the content for Carats & Cake’s weekly emails.
12:00PM Weekly call with our design team in PDX to review priorities. We are working on some new things I can’t talk about yet!
12:45PM Walk to Chelsea Market, grab lunch to go, and eat outside with our interns. We talk about what they want to do this summer in New York and any ideas they have for Carats & Cake.
1:30PM Review wedding submissions with our wedding editor. Discuss editorial calendar for next four weeks.
3:00PM Buvette with one of my favorite wedding planners to chat about business and ways to grow her company’s presence on Carats & Cake10467940_254100571447384_2115120415_n
4:00PM Call with one of our advisors to discuss a potential business opportunity. Pop into Sockerbit on Christopher Street before heading back to the office. Stay on phone while shopping for candy.
4:15PM Back in the office with a giant bag of candy for the team. Respond to emails and make sure everything got done/responded to.
5:00PM Go over any questions that may have come up with the team during the day.
6:30PM Pilates.
7:30PM Make (order) dinner with my love. I try not to have plans on Monday nights.
9:00PM Check emails on my phone and email myself a list for tomorrow of things that need to get done. Quick chat with our development team before plugging my phone in.
10:00PM Bed.