Day in the Life of Beauty: Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas

By  December 11, 2013

Glam checked in with Joanna Vargas, facialist to the stars and founder of the Johanna Vargas salon and skincare collection, as she navigates through Chelsea Market, meetings, and a VIP client or two — all before making sure her kids get to bed on time. Here, Vargas shares her schedule:

6:00AM I usually try and start my day before my house wakes up. It’s chaotic once the kids are up, so 6am is my only time alone.  I shower and apply my Jiva Apoha body oil to damp skin. I have about 8 different scents, so I try and pick an inspiring one for the day. It leaves my skin soft and it’s super pampering! For face, my go-to is my Rejuvenating Serum. I love an oil on my skin and I feel like I’m glowing once I put this one on. Then it’s sunscreen (Eminence Organics Translucent Mineral Powder) and lip color; I like Bite Beauty.
6:45AM My kids are up and then it’s getting the gang ready for school.
8:30AM I head into the office by way of the Chelsea Flower Market; it’s one of those NYC perks. I love all the smells and colors there, and I love having fresh flowers in the salon. It’s so calming for all of us, and I think one of the reasons people love coming into the salon is the oasis vibe of the place; you can really forget your stress once you enter!
10:00AM I usually have a few facial clients in the morning. My clients are also some of my best friends, so my work is more of a pleasure, visiting and catching up with what’s going on in everyone’s world.
12:00PM I head out of the office to lunch meetings; my go to spot is EN Japanese Brasserie. It’s my home away from home! The food is incredible and it’s a great place to talk.
4:00PM I have been doing some in-store mini-facials to meet some of the people who love the skincare line, so I head over to Space NK and then home! Cooking is my relax time, so I cook dinner and have a few hours to spend with my kids before bed!