Day in the Life of Beauty: Celebrity Manicurist Gina Edwards

By  February 07, 2014

Glam checked in with Morgan Taylor‘s celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards as she navigates the city for photo shoots, hair and makeup tests in preparation for Tanya Taylor’s upcoming fall 2014 presentation, and make it home in time to put her two little ones to bed. Here, Edwards shares her busy schedule:

5:00AM Wake up and do stretches on my floor. This is always a good practice to keep, especially before Fashion Week.
7:00AM I love Dunkin Donuts coffee (decaf gal!). It’s my ritual every morning.
7:27AM On the train for a 9:00am call time to do nails for an ad campaign shoot. Lugging my large suitcase full of nail polish, nail board and tools.
9:00AM On set and unloading my case, talking with the creative team about today’s shots.
10:30AM I have an assistant on set to help prep models and anything else I may need.
12:00PM Responding to emails from my fantastic agent regarding my Fashion Week schedule, full of tests and shows. Realizing I will lead more than 10 shows, I quickly make a mental note to organize my stock of products that I may need to replenish.
1:00PM Lunchtime! I always try to reduce my carb intake around this time and make wise food choices. My energy lasts longer when I eat well.
2:00PM Refresh the models’ manicures
3:00PM My assistant and I start taping the nail boards, full of nail looks for the fashion shows. Lots of filing and shaping nails.
5:00PM Time to leave for a beauty test! My assistant will stay on set at the shoot in case any minor changes need to be made.


6:00PM Meet up with Julia Labaton from RED PR to discuss the collection concept and nail look with the designer for their upcoming show.
7:00PM Head to train station and grab a spinach salad with grilled chicken to eat en route.
9:00PM Just got home with enough time to hang out with my two kids before they head to bed at 9:45pm. I check their homework and plan dinner for tomorrow.
10:30PM Sit by the fire with my husband and talk about the day’s events.
11:30PM Start painting nails for an upcoming show. I usually try to get the first 2 coats done on 250 nails tips before I call it a night. In between the coats drying, I repack my case for my first show the next day. I use lots of bubble wrap to protect the nails and polish bottles.
1:30AM Bedtime!