Day to Night: Pearly Whites

By  August 06, 2009

A breezy white summer dress is the ultimate go-to piece for a sunny day, and it’s incredibly easy to wear, since it pretty much goes with everything. Once you’ve found your base, all you have to do is pile on the appropriate accessories. Start with a tote and hat for a day in the park with your favorite book, then switch things up with a little shine and killer heels for an evening out!


The dress:

H81 Eyelet Trim Woven Dress in Cream, $24.90 at

For day:

H&M Straw Hat, approximately $12 at

Printed Canvas Jelly Beach Tote in Gold Seal/Khaki Trunk, $235 at

Wave Pattern Wedges, $69.95 at

For night:

Chain Mixed Collar with Charms, approximately $21 at

Britney’s Cubic Zirconia CZ Butterfly Ring, $28.95 at

Madame A Paris Love Letter Make-Up Bag, $72.50 at

Jessica Simpson Amona Heel in Cherry, $89.99 at