Rules of the Festival Road Trip

By  March 14, 2014

There’s nothing like a little bit of spring spontaneity. With the pursuit of loud music and the great outdoors comes the need for transportation to and from—so why not extend the festival fun into an awesome road trip? Throw on your aviators, grab your bags, and just drive—and be sure to do these five things at some point along the way.



Get a coffee to go: A road trip just isn’t complete without first fueling up at your favorite local coffee joint. It puts a little kick in your step to start the day off right and get you in the mood for the adventure ahead. Grab your brew, put on your favorite tunes, and you’re on your way to a fabulous weekend.


Brake for roadside kitsch: A road trip is an opportunity to see sights you otherwise wouldn’t and waste time on silly things (like a photo op with the dinosaurs of Cabazon, Calif.).  Don’t be afraid to pull over at the slightest little thing that grabs your attention—you never know what gem of an experience could be waiting at the next off ramp!


Upon arrival, celebrate: Always, always, always bring along a bottle of your favorite bubbly to turn the dial to “relax” as soon as you get to your hotel room.


Go out on the town: After a day on the road, you’ll relish the chance to freshen up, so bring along your favorite maxidress to set the tone for an easy, elegant romantic evening for two. Pop into the first cute restaurant you see and enjoy a spontaneous night on the town with your loved one.


Say “Cheese!”: If you don’t photograph it, did it ever really happen? Make the memories last by bringing along a great camera. Even your iPhone will do, but either way, be sure to take lots of snaps along the way.