5 Rosés to Sip This Summer

By  May 15, 2014

For wine lovers, the arrival of summer calls for a departure from red or white wine, opening a short window of time to enjoy the beauty and deliciousness of rosé. There’s an array of options on the shelf, but we narrowed it down to five top choices for any type of get-together you’re planning this summer


Lillet Rosé, $19.99 »

“Lillet Rosé is created from a blend of the classic red and white grand-cru Bordeaux wine varietals. The result is a lush, fruity, elegant tonic wine with the taste of ripe summer berries, wildflowers, melon, and stone fruit, as well as the traditional sweet and bitter citrus notes.” — Laurence Costa, Lillet brand manager

OCCASION: Rosé is especially romantic and is essential for a summer night out—from a mysterious meet-up for an aperitif to a nightcap on a terrace balcony. The fortified wine Lillet Rosé with muddled fruit is perfect for a pre-date cocktail to ease butterflies in your stomach; it’s light and will ease you into the evening.


SkinnyGirl Rosé, $11.99 »

“With fruit flavors like cherry, pomegranate, and citrus and a refreshing strawberry lemonade character, Skinnygirl™ California Rosé is ideal for summertime sipping.” —Bethenny Frankel

OCCASION: At less than 100 calories per serving, it’s light and refreshing and the best wine to serve alongside vegetable crudités and dip at an outdoor happy hour or patio party.



Sequin Rosé, $12.99 »

“Sequin Rosé captures the life of the party—light on its feet yet dreamy and fresh. For flavors, think strawberries and cream meet a lively citrus medley, lush flavors with delicate sparkly bubbles. Pair with soft goat cheese, grilled prawns with mango salsa, or seafood paella.” — Alicia Ysais, winemaker

OCCASION: When summer affords an ideal temperature for brunching outdoors, Sequin Rosé is the perfect accompaniment for an impromptu meet-up with friends paired with good conversation and delicious food.


Moët & Chandon Rosé Champagne, $50 »

“Moët & Chandon Imperial Rosé flavors are strawberry, rose petal, and spicy peppercorn notes. This champagne pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, from grilled salmon to sushi to fried chicken and french fries. Champagne, particularly rosé champagne, loves the two pillars of what makes food tasty: salt and fat.” —Seth Box, director of education for Moët Hennessy USA

OCCASION: The perfect time to drink Moët & Chandon Imperial Rosé is Monday through Sunday, brunch through the after-after-party. Truly, rosé is the most versatile, sexy glass of champagne. It is lower in alcohol than many wines and less than 100 calories per glass.


Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé Champagne$80 »

Blason Rosé is an intense, balanced champagne. Pomegranates, pears, apricots, blood oranges, the fragrances of mature red fruits … a juicy and generous blend that gives way to notes of biscuit, butter, and pastries. The delicate character of white flowers remains throughout.

Blackcurrant buds, pear, apricots, and cherry plum emerge first, only to give way to the fragrances of blackcurrant and blood oranges, followed by notes of crème de cassis, raspberry, honeysuckle, and roses, culminating in lime, blackberries, and Morello cherries.

OCCASION: Perrier-Jouët calls for an extra-special celebration. Given Blason Rosé’s delicate notes and masterful pairing with red berries, this wine should be imbibed along with a delicate dessert of chocolate and strawberries, clearly indicating a romantic rendezvous.