Beauty School: Make Glitter Shadows Work for You

By  November 12, 2013

In light of our innate ability to put together a dynamic outfit, we sometimes resort to neutral or barely-there makeup. But in the spirit of all that is sparkly and ornate, why not make your ensemble the same? Bring some brightness to your face with glittery eye shadow. Free yourself from your day-to-day routine with experimental looks that involve plenty of color and a healthy helping of sparkle.


For the Makeup Pro: If you’re comfortable manipulating an eye shadow brush, then you’re poised to use the Sephora Collection Glittering Eye Duo, $14 ».


Use your finger or brush to apply the primer over the entire eyelid.


Dab the tip of It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe “No-Tug” Dual Eyeshadow Brush, $24 », into the glitter container and press (do not swipe!) the color onto the entire eyelid, making sure to focus on the inner corners of your eyes.


For the Makeup Novice: If you have a hard time controlling an eye shadow brush, it’s best to start your preliminary bold makeup experience with Violent Eyes Bronze Glitteratti Eyes, $9.99 ». These temporary eye appliqués go on quickly and easily and yield a party-ready look.


Apply eyelid primer to ensure the staying power of the appliqué.


If necessary, first cut stencil down to fit by measuring from the outside corner in. Remove the desired eye shape from the stencil.


Peel the appliqué away from the plastic.


With a moistened cotton tip, wet the back of the appliqué.


Sticky side down, apply appliqué to the eyelid, keeping it close to your lash line.


Seal and smooth the appliqué with a wet cotton tip.


Repeat steps 1 through 5 on the other eye.