Beauty School: How to Wear Jewel-Tone Shadows

By  December 10, 2013

If you really want to switch your makeup look, adding color to your eyelids is a bold way to do it. But for plenty of women, wearing vibrant eye shadow can be intimidating. There’s a fine line between what’s too little and too much, and there’s definitely a sweet spot when it comes to rocking jewel-tone eye shadows.


Consider Your Colors. One bold hue makes a world of difference, and two or three can be gorgeous when blended together. Add more than that and run the risk of looking like an extra from the Capitol in The Hunger Games. When it comes to wearing bold, bright colors, less is often more. Makeup artists will recommend using just a little.


Finish Is Key. When wearing colors like emerald, amber, and amethyst, look for shadows with a matte or pearl finish. Jewel-tone eye shadows in addition to glitter can be a lot. If you want to incorporate a hint of sparkle, consider adding glitter just along the lash line for refined dimension.


Take Notes From the Pros. Celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler offers some helpful tips on how to apply jewel-tone shadows. She says, “For intensity, really pack the color on the lid with a wet brush and finish off with two coats of mascara for major impact. Another great way to introduce color to your eyes is by using bright, bold colors as eyeliner beneath the lower lash line for a pop of color. Be sure to rim the inside of your eyes with black eyeliner for added definition. For a highly defined eye, work a bright color directly into the crease making sure to blend any hard lines.”


Commit to Your Look. Jewel-tone eye shadow is not for the faint of heart. When you’re wearing it, go brave and consider a subtle lip to let your eye look shine. Prepare to turn heads and be memorable!