DIY: Blinged Out Bracelet

By  November 14, 2013

Simple do-it-yourself bracelets are perfect for holiday crafting, and cold winter days are the ideal time to hunker down and get creative. Pour yourself a mug of cocoa, put on your favorite holiday flick, and spend a cozy afternoon whipping up a stack of chic, sparkly bracelets to adorn the wrists of your friends and family this holiday season.



Items Needed: At least 18-inches of ribbon or leather lacing, 4 jump rings, 1 lobster clasp, 1 chain (long enough to wrap around your wrist), a few inches of a rhinestone chain, and 1 pair jewelry pliers.


Use pliers to open jump rings and connect to either end of chain. When opening a jump ring, remember to twist ends of ring away from each other in a north-south direction rather than pulling them apart east-west.


Add lobster clasp to one end of chain.


Tie one end of lacing to end of chain and begin wrapping chain with lacing, looping over and through links of chain. Pull lace fairly tightly as you go.


Once you get to the place on bracelet where you want to attach rhinestones, hold rhinestone chain against other chain and begin looping leather lace over rhinestone chain and between each rhinestone. Pull loops tightly to keep rhinestone chain in place.


Continue wrapping entire length of bracelet.


Tightly tie end of leather lace to chain and trim any loose ends.