DIY: Boho Holiday Garland

By  November 15, 2013

The look of fresh garland adorning an entryway is the epitome of holiday chic. You can find pine or magnolia garland at your local Christmas tree lot, but it can be fun to create your own holiday garland and give it a luxe bohemian twist. If you want it to last longer, go faux all the way. You can lay your masterpiece across a mantel, use it to adorn your entryway, or lay it on a table as a centerpiece.



Items Needed: 6 to 7 bunches of fresh eucalyptus (estimate 1 bunch per 9-inches of garland), a selection of faux flowers for the centerpiece of the garland (I used 3 white roses, 2 stems of ivory dogwood, 1 stem of brown thistle berry, 2 stems of black hypernicum berry and gilded amaranthus), green floral wire, wire cutters, scissors, and optional ribbon to tie your garland.


Start at one end of the garland and work your way to the middle. To begin, lay out one stem of eucalyptus and layer another stem on top of it, placing it a few inches farther down than the first.


Wire the bottom of the two stems together.


Continue to add stems and wire them to the previous stem until you reach a halfway point.



Set the first garland aside and create another garland of the same size, coming from the other direction.


Once the second garland is complete, attach the two sides together in the middle. The middle should have about 3- to 4-inches of bare stem on each side.


The area with the bare stems wired together is where you attach the centerpiece flowers. Using the pieces of floral wire already wrapped around each individual flower stem, attach centerpiece flowers. Wrap this wire around the eucalyptus stems and garland is finished.