Make your Own Custom Gift Wrap

By  November 14, 2013

Sometimes ordinary wrapping paper just won’t cut it. This year, take full control of the gift-wrapping process by starting from the very beginning and creating your own wrapping paper. Packing paper and butcher paper are easily adaptable, and you can dress them up any way you please.



Items Needed: Twine, scrap wood, paint, a paintbrush, pieces of greenery, pinecones, yarn, and glitter lettering.


To create a stamp, wrap twine around a piece of scrap wood about 16 times or more, depending on the finished look you want to achieve. When wrapping twine, don’t let the twine overlap on the front side of stamp or you won’t get a flat surface. Use a paintbrush to apply paint onto the flat side of stamp.


Rotate direction of the stamp as you apply it to paper, or keep stamp in the same direction for a more striped effect. Let paper dry overnight before wrapping.


Use pieces of greenery and pinecones as gift toppers, tie with yarn and/or baker’s twine.