Raise the Bar

By  November 14, 2013

While you’re busy prepping your sparkly holiday-party outfits, don’t forget to dress up your holiday bar. Of course, it’s imperative that you stock your bar with plenty of “the good stuff”, but why not add a little sparkle while you’re at it? If you’re having a get-together, use this quick and easy DIY to give your party a little pizzazz.



Items Needed: Paint, a paintbrush, craft letters, painter’s tape, glue, and glitter.


Paint letters in whatever color your heart desires. Let dry.


Apply painter’s tape across letters in a straight line or at an angle.


Paint on glue below the tape line.



Apply glitter generously over glue.


Shake off excess glitter and let dry.


Remove painter’s tape. Set up bar—and party on!