DIY Bottle Stopper

By  May 15, 2014

This summer, dress up your bar cart and save that half-full bottle of wine while you’re at it. Instead of letting the good stuff go to waste, get a few more glasses out of it by designing your own bottle stopper. Functional and pretty, these babies give you a great excuse to drink every last drop.


Items Needed:

Dram vials

Rubber washers

Geodes or rocks

Strong glue (E6000)

Glitter paper

Metallic nail polish, like Essie “Good as Gold”





Prepare materials and select stones with a flat surface that will adhere well to your vial.


Cut a rectangular piece of the glitter paper slightly shorter than the length of your vial. Roll the paper into a small tube and insert into vial.  Use tweezers to insert paper if needed. 



Paint vial topper with metallic nail polish and let dry. Place two rubber washers onto top portion of vial. Set aside. 


Glue geode onto vial topper and let dry for a full 24 hours. Once dry, screw topper onto vial—and voilà!