DIY Glitter Polish

By  February 12, 2014

We have a soft spot for glitter nail polishes—not only are they fun, but they are so pretty! In a few simple steps, you can create your own glitter polish. All you need is craft glitter and clear nail polish. This is a great project for those who don’t have the crafting gene, so basically anyone can do it.



Items Needed:
Clear nail polish
Thin paintbrush
Water-bottle cap
Glitter of your choice (chunky glitter is best)


Paint nails with base color of your choice.


Pour a small amount of clear nail polish into water-bottle cap. Tip: You’ll be throwing this out when you’re done, so don’t pour too much. Start off with a small amount and add more if desired.


Carefully add a small sprinkling of glitter into water-bottle cap. Start off with a tiny amount and add more if desired.


Apply clear polish glitter mixture with paintbrush onto your nails. Let dry.


If you’d like, add another kind of glitter to mix.


Once you’ve achieved the right amount of glitter, add an additional layer of clear topcoat.