DIY No-Dye Ombré Tote

By  May 15, 2014

One of the best ways to always be beach-ready is to prepare a well-stocked bag. Magazines, sunscreen, water, sunnies, and an iPad for reading all tucked into a colorful tote ensure you can be surfside at a moment’s notice. Make a splash next time you’re headed to the ocean or pool with the DIY dip-dyed look of this simple project—without any serious mess.


Items Needed:

Plain tote bag

Spray fabric paint in a matching color (but in a deeper shade)

Newspaper or poster board


To make your DIY ombré tote, follow directions on the paint can. Try testing the paint on a large piece of cardboard first so you get a feel for how to create an even spray. 


Beginning at the bottom of the tote, gently spray paint from side to side, working your way up the tote and gradually fading the paint. 


Let dry, then flip tote over, and repeat on the opposite side. If paint begins to pool on the surface, you can blot it away with a paper towel. 


Dry and set the paint according to the paint directions.