Fashion a Festival-Worthy Braid

By  March 14, 2014

With Coachella and the rest of festival season to look forward to this summer, we decided to get into the spirit with an amazing updo. We looked to Aussie celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa for a step-by-step on achieving this braided beauty.



First separate the top of your hair into four sections and create a two-strand French braid on the two outer sections of hair, gathering a little from each side and weaving over to the other side.


Weave a five-strand braid, starting with one of the middle sections of hair and pulling the hair into five strands (hold them securely). Take a strand from the left and go over the piece next to it and under the piece after that until it reaches the middle. Take the piece from the right and repeat, keeping the braid taut, and pull a bit from the root each time like a French braid. Once you’re away from the root, you can braid regularly.


A French fishtail might sound difficult, but all it takes is a two-inch section of hair from the top of the head, separating it into two pieces. Take a piece from the left section and cross so it’s in the right section. Repeat for each side, taking a section of hair from the root each time, similar to a four-strand braid.


Create a three-strand braid for the remaining hair to the ends. Twist the top sections into a bun at the crown of the head and secure. Bring up the bottom-section braid and tuck it into the existing braids; secure with pins if necessary.


Seal the style with hair spray, and feel free to tuck flowers between your braids.