Floral Guide: Thanksgiving Table Arrangement

By  October 07, 2013

Creating your own floral arrangement and table-scape for the holidays can add that extra bit of flair and style, whether it’s your first Thanksgiving as a married couple, your annual Friendsgiving celebration, or your contribution to the family meal. Before shopping, decide on a general color scheme and aesthetic. This will make your experience at the flower market much more seamless because you’ll have an idea of the final product in mind before you begin.


Gather your materials: For this arrangement, I used winter berry, thistle, seeded eucalyptus, purple kale, garden rose, and zebra pod, but feel free to use any other fall foliage you please. For the vase, I went with something short and square—and, of course, gold for the festive season.



Cut all stems on the diagonal, which aids flowers in drinking water.


Begin with the larger flowers (the garden rose and purple kale, in this case). Place them in the vase diagonally, across from one another so their stems form an X in the vase. Add the thistle on opposite sides, keeping with the X pattern.


In a circular motion, add the winter berry, seeded eucalyptus, and zebra pod, making sure to fill any holes while varying your placement to provide distinction. As you’re playing with the structure, get creative. Most arrangements are a work in progress, so don’t be afraid to try a variety of formations until you’ve achieved your perfect combination.