Flower Power

By  February 12, 2014

Nail art can be intimidating. What is it about putting a brush in your hand that can instantly freeze you in your tracks? Well, luckily, all it takes to perfect your hand at nail art is a little bit of practice … and maybe a full bottle of nail polish remover until you get the hang of things.



Items Needed:
Polishes of your choice
Toothpicks or dotting tool
Paper plates


Apply a base coat and two coats of colored polish.


Dab a bit of another shade onto a paper plate to make your first flower. Pick up a healthy amount of the polish with end of toothpick. Tip: This is a lot easier to do with a dotting tool.


Make five dots in the shape of a circle on surface of nail.



Using a fresh toothpick, pull inner edge of each circle toward middle to create petals.


Repeat steps 3 and 4 on each nail. Be sure to use a fresh dab of polish and toothpick for each step.


Use a toothpick to create center dot in a contrasting shade.


Apply topcoat and let dry.