Going Geisha Made Easy: A Makeup Tutorial

By  October 07, 2013

I recently received an amazing opportunity: to be transformed into one of Chris March’s wig incarnations for his Target collaboration. Dale Johnson took me from New York City beauty editor to demure-yet-dramatic geisha. Follow the steps below to see how you can capture the look for yourself this Halloween (just don’t forget your kimono, tabi socks, and geta sandals!).


Apply the lightest possible shade of foundation all over the face, including the lips and eyes.


Pat on a yellow eye shadow or pigment around the inner corner of the eye into the crease. Then pat on a hot pink blush on the outer corner of the eye and into the crease to meet the yellow, allowing a white spot to remain in the middle.


Dust the same blush mixed with a red blush along the contours of the cheek up to your hairline, concentrating on the temples.



Use a liquid or gel liner to line the top lashes, creating a wing at the outer corner and extending the line past the inner corner of the eye. Fill in the brows with a pink or wine lip liner. Apply a set of false eyelashes to the top lash line for a bigger dramatic effect.


Using a glossy red lipstick and lip brush, draw a heart on your lip, using your Cupid’s bow as a guide and fill in.


Pull your hair under a wig cap and top off your look with the foam wig.