Handmade Holiday Invitations

By  November 14, 2013

Put down the store-bought holiday invitations—it’s time to get crafty. Though hand-designing your own stationery or cards may seem intimidating at first, here are some tips and tricks if you’d like to make some for a holiday party or to use as greeting cards any time of year.


Things to Know About Embossing:


The embossing powder contains plastic, so when you heat it up with the heat tool, it melts and results in this pretty raised effect. The heat tool is like a concentrated, super-charged high-heat blow dryer. It gets extremely hot, so be careful. The heat can warp cards a little at first, but if you let them sit overnight, this goes away. However, heat could damage some finer papers.


It can be hard to get identical results from stamps when you’re dealing with a stack of cards. Select stamps that won’t require you to be too precise. For example, stamps with straight lines in them or individual letters and numbers that require you to line things up are annoying.


It’s helpful to have a few shoebox lids handy. Pour the embossing powder onto the card while holding it over the lid, catching any excess. Shake off the card into the lid too. Once you get enough excess in the lid, you can pour it back into the powder jar. (Use a different shoebox lid for each different color so things don’t get mixed up.)


When embossing, be sure to stamp out everything for one color first, to avoid mixing the excess. Plan ahead where you want which colors and shapes.


Make a few extra of everything, in case smudges happen.



Items Needed: 1 package A6 note cards in pure white, 1 package A6 envelopes in antique gold, 2 snowflake stamps (here and here), Embossing powders in Queen’s Gold and Bridal, VersaMark stamp pad (a stamp pad that allows embossing), 1 embossing heat tool, 1 package red decorative mailing labels, 1 sheet gray houndstooth specialty paper for lining envelopes, Tape Runner XL or use double-sided tape.


Phase 1: Crafting the Envelopes


To create the lining for envelopes, use a template (which is available for purchase) and trace in pencil along edges on the back of houndstooth paper. Make sure to trace each lining as close to one another as possible, as you would when cutting cookies out of dough.


After everything is traced, carefully cut out each liner with regular scissors.


Insert liners into each envelope. Make sure to fold the envelope flap closed to create a crease, then apply tape runner just under the adhesive strip and press liner into place.


On the front of each envelope, stamp out a few snowflakes and emboss them with Bridal powder for a sparkly finish. Make sure to leave plenty of room for the decorative address label.


Phase 2: Note Cards


In Photoshop, create a simple invitation to print on note cards. Print them out, being sure to leave room along the side borders for more embossing.


Stamp out more snowflakes. Feel free to make some larger than others, and fill them in with different-color powder.