Handmade Leather Notebook

By  January 22, 2014

Even if you’re not a fan of giving and receiving special or lavish gifts on Valentine’s Day, it can still be nice to have an occasion to set aside time to be with your special someone and exchange simple tokens. This little leather notebook is just that—so take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to create something simple but made with love and not covered in hearts and glitter.



Items Needed:
String and large needle
Craft knife and cutting surface
Sturdy paper, cut into 5-by-8-inch sheets (or your choice) and folded in half


Cut a piece of leather the size of your paper (unfolded) plus a ½ centimeter (or more—you can always trim later) allowance on each side.


Puncture holes through stack of paper along fold and sew them together with needle and string.



Glue top sheet of paper to wrong side of leather. Repeat for back cover, and let dry. Press notebook between heavy objects to flatten.