How to Use Hair Chalk

By  March 14, 2014

Music-festival style is all about the hair. When you are just dying to add a punch of color to your hair, but need it to be in office-appropriate shape come Monday, hair chalk is your best bet. For our music-festival fêtes, we’re going straight for hot pink hair chalk for a quick, but temporary color fix.


Products Used: Dippity Do Colorpop Pink, $7 »


Brush your hair and then section it off. If you're going for colored tips, separate hair into four sections to ensure you get all the hair and apply color evenly. If you’re going for a single streak, simply isolate the piece you want to color.


Apply the hair chalk directly to hair by holding hair in one hand and chalk in the other. Slide hair chalk down the piece of hair from top to bottom (never bottom to top, which can result in split or broken hairs).


Distribute the hair chalk throughout the section of hair using either hand (it will wash right off with water).


Set and lock in the hair chalk with a spritz of hair spray.