How To Wear Red Right

By  November 14, 2013

In the color spectrum, red is associated with passion, power, and love. But in fashion, it’s the ultimate bold statement. Tomato-red pieces are the key to making your outfit pop. Whether it’s silky pants, embellished pumps, or a super-fem red lip, this striking color is sure to deliver the ultimate wow factor.



A red lip is elegant—when done correctly. Just be sure to keep the rest of your makeup fresh and minimal. Oh, and don't forget to blot!


Little details go far. Incorporate red in the most minor of ways—think nails, shoes, small stripes—for major impact. It’s further proof that just a touch of this festive holiday hue makes a big difference.


Get a leg up. For statement-making style, nothing punches up a wardrobe of smart basics like a pair of ruby red pants.


Go bold! For an insanely adorable (and attention-getting) look, pair two colors within the family of warm hues, like pink and red. Stick with nude shoes to let your outfit do the talking.