Insta-Glam: How to Style Your Feed

By  May 15, 2014

Taking a beautiful photo comes down to a few key elements—and as any avid Instagrammer knows, it often takes 10 or more shots to get that perfect picture.


The most successful Instagram feeds contain a well-curated mix of targeted, compelling content, and with the sunny season in full bloom, there’s no shortage of photo ops available at your fingertips. Ready to up the ante on your extraordinary Instagram status? Here are five tips to take your snaps to chic new heights.


Look for the best background: Choose a backdrop that allows the subject of your photo to become the focal point of the image. As with most things in life, keep it simple.


Don’t zoom: Take the photo from a natural distance. Then crop the image to home in on your subject, making your photo appear sharper and brighter than if you had zoomed in for the same effect.



Use natural light: Beautiful, sharp photos are most easily achieved when natural light is aplenty.


Focus: Play with the focus of your camera (tap different parts of the screen) until your lighting is just right. Hold down one area of your screen to lock the focus.


Use your apps: Instagram filters may be convenient, but they lack the advanced customization necessary for improving your photos. Third-party apps such as Camera+, VSCOcam, and Afterglow have easy-to-use filters that brighten, lighten, create contrast, and increase/decrease saturation.