Leather-Heart Key Ring

By  January 24, 2014

Give this fun little leather heart key ring to someone stylish this Valentine’s Day. It makes for a cute handmade gift for your best friend, sister, mom, or daughter to put on her key ring. Present it as “the key to unlock my heart,” which might sound perfectly cheesy but can also be very romantic.



Items Needed:
Thin leather
Key ring
Bead reamer
Pink thread
Beading pliers


Draw or trace half a heart onto suede side of leather. Fold leather to cut a perfect heart.


Use first heart as a pattern to draw second.


Place hearts together, suede side touching. Using a bead reamer or pen, mark a pattern of dots around edge as a guide for stitches.



Begin first stitch on inside to hide knotted end within heart.


Using a simple overcast or hemming stitch, stitch hearts together, making sure to keep them aligned. Tip: Use a thimble on your thumb to push needle through leathers, then grab it and pull it through with pliers.


Pull cotton balls apart and fill heart for padding.



Close stitch again by hiding knot inside.


Separate a few links from chain and attach one end to key ring.


Create a new hole in corner of heart. Slip a link through and then attach it to rest of links.