Melon Mani

By  February 12, 2014

Whether it’s served cubed, sliced, or wedged, watermelon is undoubtedly the tastiest warm-weather treat. For a similarly seasonal manicure, pay tribute to the crowd-pleasing snack with a watermelon accent nail. It may not satisfy your appetite, but it will certainly add a dose of sweetness to any summer look.


Items Needed:
Lise Watier “Gulabi” Nail Polish
White nail polish
Straight Pin
Pencil eraser
Essie “Pretty Edgy”
Mint green nail polish


Coat nails with base “watermelon color” using Lise Watier “Gulabi” nail polish from the brand’s summer collection.


Then choose two nails to make into “watermelons” and paint the tips white.


While waiting for white tips to dry, stick a straight pin into the eraser of a pencil, and dab some black nail polish on a piece of tinfoil. Dip the pinhead into the back nail polish and “dot” the “seeds” of the watermelon onto chosen nails.


After the white tips dry, paint Essie “Pretty Edgy,” a vibrant green, for the rind.


While green nail polish is still wet, dab makeshift dotting tool in some mint green polish to make stripes on the “watermelon” rind.


Apply top coat and let dry.