Mini Heart S’mores

By  January 23, 2014

There’s quite a lot of chocolate on store shelves lately, but have you spotted these adorable pink and white heart marshmallows? They are just perfect for Valentine’s heart s’mores! Create little Valentine’s Day treats for friends or your children’s friends. Or, if you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day party, serve them as dessert, or use them as a party favor.



Items Needed:
Clear containers
Hershey’s chocolate bars
Pink and white heart marshmallows
Graham crackers
Jumbo heart sprinkles
Frosting, if desired


Break chocolate bars and graham crackers into squares of same size. Be sure they fit into containers snugly.


Layer grahams and chocolate in a pattern.


Melt top layer of chocolate slightly, and place marshmallow on top. If you have frosting nearby, feel free to use that to “glue” marshmallow in place.


Embellish with heart sprinkles, using more frosting to attach them.


If you don’t want to assemble these treats in containers, serve them on a platter so they’re ready for guests to grill and assemble themselves.


To make to-go s’mores, package ingredients in a cellophane bag and tie off with a bow.