Music and Makeup: A Match Made in Heaven

By  March 14, 2014

With music festivals upon us, choosing the product that delivers the color you want and the wearability you need is a must. For an easy makeup look that goes from show to show, and late nights through early mornings, try a rock ’n’ roll–inspired smoky eye that’s easy to apply and effortless to maintain.



Foundation: Keep your base sheer and light, adding coverage only where you need it. If you’re on the go, add Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate to your own moisturizer. One dime-size drop gives you sheer coverage. Add a touch more under the eye and anywhere else that needs a little concealing. Using one product for both foundation and concealer application allows for an even complexion and, therefore, flawless selfies.


Eyes: Ardency Inn Punker Original Smoky Shadow is an ideal deep charcoal for any eye color or skin shade. Draw it deep into the crease and along the top and bottom lash lines and sheer it along the lid for a one-product eye that looks like it belongs onstage. Run the shadow along the waterline to complete the look. Add Ardency Inn Punker Unrivaled Volume and Curl Lash Wax for the ultimate lash. If you feel like you need a touch of shimmer to take it to the next level, try brushing on Ardency Inn Modster Light-Catching Eye Powder in Purple Hearts or Borealis Black.


Lips: Let your lips stay soft and supple for singing—or anything else that comes up—with Ardency Inn Boom Base Lip Balm and Base to moisturize and help your lipstick stay put. The kick of peppermint also keeps your breath fresh. Finish the lip look with Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl in Dubstep Remix for a dark and dramatic finish or Americana Natural Lip Pencil for a natural lip. Add a touch of the same shade to the apple of the cheek for the easiest on-the-go look that will stay put all festival long.