New York City: Outfit Inspiration

By  June 12, 2014

As a new(ish) New Yorker, I love seeing how my style has evolved since I’ve moved here a little over a year ago. I wear a lot more black and a lot more leather, and I’ve saved the major wardrobe splurges for investment pieces like smart-looking suede Christian Dior pumps and a Kate Spade book clutch. Here’s the thing about New York: There are no rules—that’s why I’m wearing a leather dress and suede pumps in the summer.



In New York City, anything goes—as long as it comes across polished and your grooming is on point. The edgy, tough pieces we wore all winter will translate to warmer temps if they’re in a lighter color palette. Don’t retire your leather, booties, or suede—you’ll always look cool wearing those items in the Big Apple!

Here are some helpful hints to achieve an empire state of style:


Black is always chic.


Pack comfortable flats in your bag and save your shoes to slide on once you reach your destination.


Lightweight leather is a definite yes.


Even exercise wear is stylish, but if you must wear it out, say no to sweats and sloppy sneakers. 


Bold lipstick and big sunglasses will save you.


Always dress up. You never know when street-style photographer Bill Cunningham will ride by on his bicycle snapping away.