Ombré Tote Bags

By  January 23, 2014

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, these heart totes are a fabulous little gift to have on hand for friends and family. You can also get creative with your ombré design, depending on who’s receiving them. The pretty pink color palette is holiday-appropriate but usable year-round.



Items Needed:
Roll of freezer paper
Plain canvas tote
Large heart punch
Fabric paint
Paintbrushes or sponges


Cut four strips of freezer paper approximately 3 inches wide.


Punch hearts out of freezer paper;  four should fit perfectly.


Iron strips of freezer paper to bag using a hot iron, making sure to really dig in and get all little cracks.


Mix paint colors, leaving one color original true pink and adding more and more white paint to get three more shades, one lighter than the next.


Use brushes or sponges to paint hearts onto bag.


Let dry for at least an hour, and then carefully pull off freezer paper.  You can set with a hot iron if you wish.