How to Look Good in Every Photo

By  August 10, 2013

Taking a great photograph is as much about skill as it is about style. We checked in with the experts for their tips and tricks on finding your most flattering angle, dressing for the camera, and how to grab their attention. From the selfie to street-style snaps, prepare to pose.


How to Look Good When You're Being Photographed at a Party:

“Practice in the mirror, with no one else around; it's really about being ready. Don't chat, don't talk nervously, put your drink down, and make sure you're all set to go. Pose for the photographer, and listen to what the photographer is asking you to do.”

-Billy Farrell, Billy Farrell Agency



How to Pose for Street-Style Photographers:

“Having something in your hand does help; I think that's why a lot of girls shoot with their cell phones or with their purse, or a cup of coffee, because it does give you something that you're used to holding on a normal basis, and you're not focused so much on standing there having your picture taken. I also tell people when they smile to think money – I don't know if it's thinking about money that makes you smile naturally or the act of doing something nerdy that tends to make people smile.”

-Lydia Hudgens, Lydia Hudgens Photography



How to Avoid the Double Chin:

“What you want to do is lean forward rather than back. If you lean your head back, you're going to have more of a chin. If you lean forward, not overly, you're not going to have the chin. You want to be tilted down but not all the way, because that will give anyone a double chin.

-Patrick McMullan, Patrick McMullan Company


The Colors That Look Best on Camera:

“Prints and patterns. Black is always a hard thing to shoot as a photographer.”

-Billy Farrell

“Turquoise, red, and cobalt blue always stand out to me.”

-Patrick McMullan

“It's less about color than it is about contrast. If you're wearing black or a neutral, pair it with a bit of pop. If you're being photographed at Lincoln Center, you want something that's a little bit multidimensional to make you stand out. You wouldn't want to wear something that's white, because that's just going to blend in with the background. You want to pop – that's what photographs the best.”

-Lydia Hudgens