Redress Your Tress WIth a Waterfall Braid

By  December 10, 2013

When the wind is blowing and that gray cloud above you is threatening something ominous, what’s a girl to do with her hair? Braid it, of course! Since you’ve mastered the fishtail and become an ace at the crown, let’s try something new this winter: the waterfall braid. Professional hairstylist Heather Packer of Cutler Salons showed us that this style is way easier than you think!



Start by blow-drying product into hair. Cutler Volumizing Spray is user-friendly and gives you the rough texture you need to hold your braid in place. Part your hair wherever you like (Pro tip: A middle part achieves a more hippieish look).


Starting on one side of your part, begin braiding a simple three-strand French braid. When adding hair as in a French braid, use only hair from the top of the head.


After you’ve added a section of hair to your braid, drop that piece and pick up a section of hair that's farther along the top of the head. Incorporate that section into your French braid. (You’re essentially dropping the third strand after each cross and adding a new piece of hair.)



Repeat these steps to center back of head and secure with a mini clear elastic.


Repeat braid on the other side.


Once the two braids meet, braid together and comb down the top with a fine-tooth comb to smooth and get rid of lines.