Revamp Your Makeup Case

By  December 10, 2013

With the new year comes a new commitment to organization. And while you’re cleaning out your closet and desk, you can’t forget about the messiest area in your purse: the makeup bag. Between broken compacts, dried-out mascaras, and goopy glosses, it can become a disgusting disaster by the time January rolls around.


Sort: First thing’s first—you have to see what you have before making any decisions. Separate the items you use every day from what you save for weekends and what needs to be tossed, including mascaras, because their shelf life is only two to three months.


Pro tip: If your broken compact still has all its pieces, drip a few drops of isopropyl alcohol along the cracks to reseal them.


Clean: Open up all compacts and containers and drop the brushes into a cup of warm water with a drop of shampoo or gentle soap. Let them soak for 10 minutes and then air-dry. Ideally, this should be done once or twice a month. Wipe down compacts and tubes, and be sure to turn your case inside out to clean it with a baby wipe.


Pro tip: Toss any cosmetics that have changed color since you purchased them.


Restock: This is the fun part! Make a list of essentials that you need on hand and use regularly, such as mini mascaras, concealers, and lippies. With the holidays over, now is the best time to stock up on value sets that you can break down and use in your case without breaking the bank.


Pro tip: A face and eye palette gives you the products you need without taking too much space in your case.