The Perfect Petaled Ponytail

By  March 14, 2014

Festivals are a good time to experiment with your hair and have fun. When you’re out in the blazing sun for hours on end, it’s best to have your hair tresses tucked away and out of your face—but in the cutest way possible. We’re combining two of our favorite things, flowers and side ponytails, into one effortless look. It’s a great alternative to the classic flower crown and easy to create.



Items Needed:
Transparent ribbon (to match your hair color)
Artificial flowers (small)
Gel super glue
Hair tie


Cut ribbon to about 40 inches long (you can also measure one side of the length of your hair and double that amount).


Pluck artificial flowers off stems and cut off the bottom with scissors so they have a flat edge.


Glue flowers to ribbon, leaving a two-finger-wide space between each. Make sure to leave a 3-inch space on both ends so you can make a knot.


Part hair in the middle and brush all of it to one side.


Tie a low ponytail at the base of your neck.


Wrap the flower ribbon around your hair tie and begin crisscrossing the ribbon around ponytail.


Once you get to the bottom of the tail, double-knot the ribbon and make sure it’s secure.


For an undone look, begin pulling out your hair in sections from the bottom up, being careful not to pull too much out at once.