Use-What-You’ve-Got Valentine’s Mantel

By  January 23, 2014

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on cute red-and-pink Valentine’s Day decor. Instead of scooping up everything you see at the store, rummage through your storage and supply closets to see what you can find. Keep the following seven elements in mind as you build your mantel. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and repurposing to make your mantel totally lovey-dovey—oh, and perhaps a trip to the candy store for some chocolate.



Large Anchor Piece: Use an artwork or large mirror to anchor the arrangement. Make sure it’s taller or hung higher than other elements. Feel free to replace your regular mantel art with whatever you find to be more Valentine’s Day–appropriate.


Visual Triangles: Notice how the large anchor piece in the middle with smaller, shorter decor on the sides creates a visual triangle.


Odd-Number Groupings: Arrange decor on the sides in odd numbers. Smaller groupings form their own visual triangles. Use three picture frames to display an “I [heart] U” message. Print out the letters I and U in Type Keys font, and attach a foam heart to center frame with double-sided tape.


Layering: To add more dimension to a shallow mantel, layer flat pieces. Place decorative trays on the mantel so they lean against the wall. Then, layer art and decor in front of the tray. Anything pink and red will work, as will any type of glass hurricane or vase you have on hand.


Whimsy: Add a little quirkiness, like this DIY gold-leaf art print displayed on a vintage clipboard. To add even more dimension, use some 3M poster strips to hang pink paper lanterns on either side of art. If you want to hang something other than paper lanterns, consider making your own hangable designs out of cardboard or paper.


Personal Touch: Add a personalized memento, like special DIY projects from Valentine’s Days past. If you love candy, fill vessels with Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses. To get a full-looking hurricane without breaking the bank on candy, use a vase filler: In the center of the hurricane, place a smaller glass cylinder vase and fill only outside of it with candy.


Give It Life: Add flowers, a plant, or candles. In this arrangement, there are candles in the center vase and crepe-paper faux flowers in the white urchin vase. These organic elements bring the mantel to life.