What to Save, Store, and Send off in 2014

By  December 10, 2013

The new year is the perfect reason to start over with a clean fashion slate. What better time to reinvest in the basics, ship off the old, and pack away the seasonal.



A pared-down closet means more room to be experimental with what you already own. As much fun as it is to load up your closet season after season, cleaning out and reorganizing is somewhat of a necessary evil. If the item doesn’t excite or inspire you, it’s time to think long and hard about just why you’re keeping it around.



What to Save: While it’s temping to pack away all your spring and summer clothes when winter hits, keep items you can use for layering. For the cold months ahead, invest in three to four new pairs of black tights, and feel free to stock up on colorful cardigans. Mix your bright cardigans with T-shirts, denim shirts, dresses, or delicate camis for the winter and beyond.


Factory Clare Cardigan, $29.50 »


Mareika tulip-print dress, $320 »


Enzyme Check Smock Dress, $35 »


What to Store: If you can’t layer it, and it screams summer, roll it, seal it, and pack it away. If it looks like a yummy bowl of sherbet, store it until spring. On top of that, if the material isn’t thick enough to keep you warm, it won’t serve you well when it snows. Last, if with said piece you can’t create at least three different outfits that work in the current season, it’s just not meant to be. As for whites, don’t be so quick to stash them, as winter whites are always chic.


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What to Send Off: If you haven’t worn the piece in the past 365 days, chances are you won’t in the near future either. Simplifying your closet can free up precious real estate and allow you to see what you have and love. It’s hard to get creative and dream up new ensembles when items are crammed together or, worse, sharing a hanger. If you’ve outgrown the trend or the size, or the garment looks beat up, drop off your goods at your local Goodwill. You can list “gently used” items on Poshmark and BISTM to earn a few extra bucks too.