White-Hot Nail Art

By  March 14, 2014

Crisp white with fluorescent neon is a fabulous color combination to wear on your nails when the weather starts to warm up. Pairing your favorite neon polish with white will make it stand out even more than if you sport it on its own. Not that great at DIY nail art? Grab a roll of tape and try out this manicure—it’s much easier than you think!


Items Needed:
Essie “Blanc”
Scotch tape
Orly “Beach Cruiser”
Nail-art rhinestones
Nail glue


Paint nails with two coats of white polish and let dry.


Cut tape into 20 ½-inch pieces.


Tape off each nail in a V shape so only the part to be painted neon is showing.


Paint, with neon pink, one nail at a time. Immediately peeling off tape, very carefully.


When you have finished painting all the nails, apply a topcoat and let dry.


Once all nails are dry, place a drop of nail glue on the spot you want your rhinestone, set rhinestone on glue, and press down for a few seconds with tweezers.