Wine and Cheese for Two

By  January 26, 2014

Time with a loved one is hard to come by these days. With the fast-paced beat of the world around us, it can be tough to find those extra minutes to focus on the person who means the most to you. This would be an easy way to steal some time away, with fun personal touches added. Unpack this wine and cheese party for two in your living room, backyard, or favorite local park and you’ll have all you need for some time well spent with your significant other or just a good friend.



Items Needed:
Card stock
X-acto knife
Craft paint
Cardboard wine canister and box
½ to 1 yard of fabric
Handkerchiefs (used as napkins)
Plates and glassware
Bottle of wine


Draw desired design on erasers with pencil.


Use an X-acto knife to trace and cut background (negative space) areas of design. (I used a flat-head-shaped blade, which helped to get a clean cut.) Cut about 1/8-inch deep.


Use craft paint to test stamp on scrap paper.



Create a design by stamping a repeating pattern across wine canister and picnic box.


Cut a piece of card stock to size of a note card and stamp same pattern across bottom. After paint dries, write a handwritten note (because a handmade, handwritten note speaks volumes).


After picnic set is dry, pack a picnic! Grab your favorite bottle of wine and place it inside canister and pack cheese that complements the wine. Wrap crackers, plastic plates, plastic wineglasses, a knife, and napkins in a piece of fabric and place it inside box, along with note.