Death, Promotions, and the Return of Henry

By  May 22, 2009

Did anyone watch the season finale of Ugly Betty last night? … I feel like I’m the only person – besides my mom – who still sorta watches that show. (No wonder it’s getting moved to a remote Friday night time slot.)


It was a bittersweet (emphasis on the bitter) episode. Mode won a prestigious award for its wedding issue which featured Daniel’s wife, Molly on the cover. Of course, when he accepted the trophy and gave his speech at the celebratory ceremony, he saw Molly standing in the corner cheering him on … and then – voila – she disappeared. And that’s because what he saw was actually Molly’s spirit watching over him — because Molly, who we knew was very ill, had died in the hour since Daniel left their house. Gut-wrenching!


Meanwhile, Betty and Marc are vying for a coveted features editor position at Mode. In the end, Betty (shocker!) gets the job. BUT she has a new boss to answer to … Matt, her richie-rich EX-boyfriend. That’s right EX. He broke up with her after he catches her makin” out with Henry who has reappeared in an awkward run-in moment. (Hate when that happens!) Matt was so heartbroken that he accepted a job his father offered him at Mode for the sole purpose of, well, torturing Betty. Revenge is sweet.

I’ve gotta say, even though I can take or leave the show, whenever I catch it, I find myself giggling at Marc’s antics and lusting after Amanda’s awesomely absurd accessories. Yep, the show is still really colorful and truly fun. But it was always on at a bad time … and now it’s even worse. I’ll skip a night with Betty for a Friday evening on the town.

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