Discover DooBop, A Different Kind of Beauty Retail Experience

By  March 05, 2014

DooBopJodie Patterson is a woman who is capable of an infinite number of things. She’s a wife and mother of five children, she is the creator of luxe bodycare brand Georgia NY, and she is co-creator of DooBop, a site meant to capture the diversity and panache of New York City in an online shopping experience.

DooBop offers a unique voice in beauty by giving the customer exactly what they’re looking for. If you’ve got naturally curly hair and you’re seeking a sulfate free, silicone free or paraben free shampoo, there are categories just for you. Interspersed are interviews by legends in the beauty game like Keith Campbell, and Cynde Watson. You can shop on DooBop for Rihannas favorite body lotion, and Iman’s signature lip palette, and then click to read about Kerry Washington’s discoveries about life and beauty. And did we mention the free shipping and free samples? It’s all unusual and inspiring, and quite beautiful indeed.

We caught up with Patterson to get some perspective on DooBop – and we came away with an explanation of the concept and the necessity of such an endeavor.

AB: What inspired you to create DooBop?
JP: Our concept is Beauty Without Struggle. We want women to explore and discover beauty in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible. For women of color and with textured hair, our beauty experience is quite difficult. We’re forced to shop in multiple outlets to find what we need and there is rarely an expert behind a counter that knows more than we do. As women of color we’re repeat shoppers but not satisfied consumers. DooBop is a beauty e-tailer with a particular edit for brown skinned and textured hair women. We scout locally and abroad to find what we feel are the best and most innovative prestige and boutique brands for our customer. We cherry pick particular products within each range which make sense for brown skin and textured hair.
AB: So many sites and physical retailers are focusing on multicultural beauty these days. How does DooBop move beyond the typical multiculti beauty shopping experience?
JP: DooBop is about moving beyond the ‘ethnic aisle’ and discovering beauty from the inside out – personalized beauty. We personally test each product we sell and try to give insight into more relevant ways to use an item. For example, conditioner as a co-wash, skincare oil as a split ends treatment. We give you beauty in ‘real-time’ with real women as our inspiration.
AB: Talk to me about the charitable component of DooBop? I love that angle of what you’re doing.
JP: DooBop is about being committed to our local community – for each order made through the site, we donate $1 to Community of Unity, a NY-based organization which develops after-school programs in public schools for ‘at risk’ youth. They are a wonderful organization, with a team of professionals totally committed to guide smart young people to realize their full potential.

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