Ditching Hitched or Ditched

By  May 27, 2009


I want my hour back. I can’t believe that I wasted 60 precious minutes last night watching what might be the most disheartening show in television history. (And by ‘might be,’ I mean ‘definitely is.’) Okay that’s aggressive … It was mildly entertaining, a little trashy, and just a wee-bit depressing. But that still adds up to me not giving it a second chance (much like these couples).

Hitched or Ditched offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a new couple each episode. They are handed a dream wedding on a silver platter. But there’s a catch. It’s in one week! (No time for bridal boot camp.) And while, these boyfriend-girlfriend pairs have been dating for four or more years, they have doubts about taking the leap into matrimony. (“He’s so jealous!” “Her family is crazy!” “He won’t let me be me!”)

After the dress has been selected, the floral arrangements picked, and the food tasted, the couples find themselves at their very own glamour-wedding seven days later. It is there at the alter that they must literally say “I do…. want to have this wedding.” OR “I do….. not want to have this wedding.” Ouch. On last night’s premiere, the would-be wifey said “I do” and her would-be hubby said “I don’t.” Shocking!

The devil on my shoulder sorta wanted that to happen … but, in the end, I felt seriously bummed. What’s fun about watching a woman in a gorgeous couture gown get her heart broken?!? There’s enough drama in my every day life that I don’t need to see committed couples splitting up for my own voyeuristic pleasure … Even if the next couple goes all the way, I won’t know … because I won’t be watching.

*By the way … The last thing that says “dream wedding” to me is being hooked up to a microphone with a full-out camera crew. Oh, and having your marriage ordained by a TV show host also seems like a no-no.

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