Don’t Let April Showers Give You the Blowout Blues!

By  April 23, 2013

There’s nothing like a good blowout to give your hair that fresh, renewed bounce. But this week’s, or rather this month, weather forecast isn’t a fan of the popular style. We turned to Drybar’s founder Alli Webb who shared tips on keeping tresses safe and fresh after a trip to the salon, the most requested blowout, even where the newest Drybar might pop up next!

Q: This months is full of rainy days, which doesn’t bode well for a blowout Do you have any tips on keeping the style fresh in the dreary weather?
A: Whether you’re doing it at home, or you come to DryBar, I think, first and foremost, because there’s so much moisture in the air, make sure that your blowout is bone dry. A lot of times, your blowout can be 99% dry, and it [will] be fine on a sunny day. But on a day that has some moisture in it, it’s going to cause your hair to probably frizz out like crazy. So make sure it’s really dry when it’s blown out.

And, I would go for a wavier style in the gloomy months because it’s easier to camouflage. When moisture touches hair, it’s really hard to prevent it from getting frizzy or wavy. If you start out with a Manhattan or a Cosmo-Tai, which [are] messy-beachy waves — those kind of styles — I feel like can handle more frizz if [you] encounter it, you can camouflage it a little bit with a messy blowout.

Q: Do you have any fave hair products with hold that you keep on hand for emergencies?
A: I’ve never personally been a big hairspray person, but I love our hair spray so much, the Money Maker, that I found myself this morning I blew out my hair earlier and I thought “I think I need some hairspray today,” because I just wanted it to stay. The Money Maker is great because it’s a flexible spray; it’s not going to lacquer your hair but just gives a little bit of hold and helps keep out the frizz a little bit.

And before that, using some kind of dry oil, something that’s going to help tame any frizz and then spray it.

Q: Your cocktail-inspired styles have become such a huge hit! What’s the most requested style?
A: That’s a tough one! It depends on the day and what’s going on, but if I had to say, it’s probably a toss up between the Cosmo and the Straight Up. The Straight Up is kind of our signature blowout with a little bit of body. Or maybe, the Cosmo is really popular too. But you know, honestly, if you were able to walk into all 27 locations on the same day, you would see everybody’s getting everything. It’s so hard to pinpoint. I say our top three are the Cosmo, the Mai-Tai, and the Straight Up.
Q: Does Drybar ever receive celebrity look requests?
A: We get Kim Kardashian, which I think is an emerging trend or has been for a while. It’s kind of our Cosmo but brushed out; the curls are more uniform versus bouncy, and that’s very Kim Kardashian-like. We get Kate Hudson or Giselle, the very beachy kind of Mai Tai girls. I think that we’ve structured our business in a way that our focus is the everyday girl. We didn’t want people to feel like they had to aspire to look like Kate Hudson because that’s not going to happen but to aspire to be kind of the best version of them, looking at girls next door. Bring in a picture of a celebrity, and you walk out feeling not you don’t look like them even though your hair might. I don’t think it’s an overwhelming thing that we get a celebrity request.

And it’s certainly new haircuts or new styles that come out; we get a lot of but not that [many celebrity styles].

Q: The salons have spread like wildfire! Where are some of the new locations you’re looking to set up shop?
A: We are looking all over the country! And we’re looking to get into Chicago and Boston. We’re looking into New Jersey, Long Island, Brooklyn, Philly, Miami. As you can imagine, it takes a long time to find the right space and the right deal, but you’ll see us popping up in new cities and new states for sure this year.