Drip Dry

By  July 29, 2009


We can’t help but laugh at face wash commercials. Why are their models so clean when they wash their faces? When we wash our faces, we get water everywhere- on the counter, down to our elbows, on our pajama shirts. Since we’ll never be able to wash our faces as perfectly as they do on commercials, we decided to indulge in the next best thing: On The Cuff. These sponge cuffs slip right onto your wrists as you wash your face to absorb the water that drips down. Rinse them off after you use them, and place them back in their mesh bag home to dry. After all, washing your face is supposed to be a clean method, and these help make it just that!

One pair available for $7.99 at OnTheCuff.net.

xx, Arielle Sobov