Eco Monday Product Pick: Ecoist’s Foldable Fashion

By  June 22, 2009

Why not look adorably chic while saving the planet? Ecoist, a company that sells handmade bags out of recycled materials, has found the perfect way to combine a  love of fashion with the need for a healthy planet. All their bags are handmade by fair trade workers in Mexico and Peru. Each one is created from recycled materials such as magazines, food wrappers and labels, pull tabs and newspapers. The Ecoist does more than just make adorably cute bags out of recycled materials, they also plant a tree for every bag they sell  in the U.S. , India, Uganda, Haiti, Mexico and more. In case you weren’t impressed enough, just check out the prices on these great bags. Happy Eco Monday!


Chica Rosa-Black, $39, Made from recycled pull tabs
Every/Any Bag, $28 Made of hand folded magazines coated in cellophane.
Diva Clutch Silver, $92 Made of recycled candy wrappers
Coca-Cola Coin Purse, $22, Made of Recycled Coca-Cola labels

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